Find birth mother

It has been estimated that approximately 6 million people in USA are adoptees. Including adoptive parents, siblings, and biological parents, this means that one out of eight Americans is directly affected by adoption. Different surveys show that most of these birth-parents/adoptees have actively looked for their children separated via adoption. Similarly, many children have searched for their biological parents, thus birth mother search. There might be multiple reasons for this investigation, including the desire to know about their life, medical knowledge, or death of the adoptive parent. However, genetic curiosity is considered as the most common reason to find birth mother/parent.
Whatever your reason is for deciding to initiate the quest, it is extremely important to realize that it most probably will be an emotional adventure full of frustrating lows and amazing highs. Once you are prepared to undertake the adoption search, the below mentioned steps are likely to help you start on the journey:

Initiating the Search

Discovering the name of your birth mother is the first objective of adoption search, just like a genealogy search. Gather all the information including the time of birth, name of the hospital, and your weight at the time of birth. Knowing the name of adoption agency involved in your adoption is also very important. You can get most of the information from your birth certificate. The best place to turn for genuine info is your adoptive parents. They are the individuals with answers. Note down every bit of info they provide, even if it seems insignificant to you. Doing your home work before starting the search is an excellent idea if you want to find birth mother without taking too long.

Contact the adoption agency

Contact the agency that handled your adoption for more details. The info they provide depends on the type of adoption you had. They have data like health history, ethnic origin, education level, health status, religion and professional achievement. Always remember that every bit counts. Therefore, grasp as much info as you can. In the best case scenario, your adoption agency can be able to provide her name, making it easier for you to find birth mother even after a long time.

Use social networks

Major social media websites, like twitter, Facebook and MySpace, can help you immensely in your search. With billions of people using social media to socialize, it is most likely that she will be using one of these websites too. It is pretty easy to find birth mother on the internet, provided that you know her full name and she is an active user. Notify your twitter followers regularly that you are looking for your biological mother. Join social networks specially for adopted people like the one named Finding birth parents. Creating a blog, especially for your search is also an excellent idea.

Join online discussion forums

There are countless online discussion forms available for adoptees. Most group members are professional searchers and offer you helpful advice. Read the essays especially created for adopted people in order to get detailed information. Thousands of people get help from these forums to find birth mother.

Put the information on free websites

There are countless websites on the internet that allow both adopted children and mothers to post their information. If they find a match, they inform you immediately. Most of these online reunion databases have volunteers working with them who help the users find birth mother or child by matching their information.

Look for mutual consent adoption search registry

Find out whether the state where your parents adopted you maintains a mutual agreement/consent adoption search registry. If they have, you should sign up for it and tell them that you are willing to find birth mother or to be contacted by her. You might have to pay a small fee for registering, but there are some places where no fee is required. You can get more information from the Child Welfare Information Gateway (federal). You can easily download their PDF booklet containing the adoption records.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If everything fails, you can hire a private investigator to find birth mother. There are a number of investigation firms out there that can provide you their services. Their investigators are professionally trained, and they use modern techniques to find a person. They can find your biological parent in no time.